SunCatchers make invisible light visible
The Highlight in every Garden
Extraordinary Luminosity
SunCatcher – Keep the SUMMER longer
SunCatcher - A Special Present

SunCatcher ...glowing flowers for your garden

SunCatchers collect invisible daylight and make it visible. Like little solar panels they gather light and direct it to their corners, where is glows in blue, yellow, orange, red or green. But they not only work at sunshine. Much brighter they glow on a grey and rainy day adding very special coloured mood lighting to your garden. See them glow from the first light in the morning till the last night at night.

SunCatcher – Make You Happy

SunCatchers make invisible light visible. Just like flowers they glow from sunlight. Other than flowers they do not need the sun, but will show their warm and colourful light as well at cloudy skies or twilight. They start glowing at first light and keep glowing till dark. 365 days a year without any battery. Even on a cloudy and wet day they brighten up your garden and glow strongly making every glance at your garden or balcony a happy moment. Their flexible rods allows them to gently swing in the wind and to bring harmony and sunshine into your life.

SunCatcher – Premium Quality

Our SunCatchers are made in Scotland from British Premium Acrylic. We proudly offer 10+ years manufacturer warranty for all our products.
Lost a piece or broke it ? - Give us a call. We will do want we can to make your garden colourful again.
SunCatcher can be left out side all year long. They do not rust, are UV resistant and frost proof up to minus 50° Celsius or minus 58° Fahrenheit.
Our long flexible rods allow all SunCatcher to gently swing in the wind. Just like big flower do.

SunCatcher – True Low Maintenance Flowers

Is your garden very low maintenance ? Then you must have some SunCatcher flowers! These flowers are a highlight in every Garden. They do not need water, they will stay colourful all year long and they cannot be killed. Just perfect for a modern designer garden. Bright and colourful flower totally stress free.


SunCatcher – Communication with the Sun

All SunCatcher permanently communicate with the sun and pass on its energy to us. Their 5 colours blue, yellow, orange, red and green bring us energy and impact on us in many different ways:
SunCatcher Blue stands for: Harmony, Tranquillity, Happiness, Infinity
SunCatcher Yellow stands for: Light, Sun, Brightness, Illumination
SunCatcher Orange stands for: Pleasure, Liveliness, Affirmation of Life, Exuberance
SunCatcher Red stands for: Activity, Warmth, Dynamic, Character
SunCatcher Green stands for: Relaxation, Calming, Satisfaction, Persistence

SunCatcher – Keep the Summer Longer

SunCatcher hold on to the summer for you. They remind you of flowing blossoms and keep glowing for you even under snow and through dark and cold storms. The Highlight in every Garden on a grey and rainy day is the extraordinary luminosity provided by all SunCatchers in their unique colours and shapes. A special, highly fluorescent piece of designer decoration for your garden, balcony or flat.

SunCatcher - A Special Present

For Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Parties, Mothers day, Fathers day, Easter or Christmas. SunCatcher make people happy and esspecialy the ones you love. On every occasion!

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